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All Star Cheerleading

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Twilight     Electric     Sky     Moonlight      Blacklight      Cadet     Blue Diamond     Oasis   Platinum     Indigo 

Jr Blue     NightlighT     Tiffany     Dusk     Spotlight

All-star cheerleading is an exciting sport suitable for the earliest beginner all the way through the most accomplished elite level athlete. All-star cheerleading places an emphasis on a competition routine comprised of tumbling, stunting, jumping and motion technique in a creative, innovative and challenging fashion. Because we feel that all athletes should have the ability to participate and experience the world of all-star cheerleading, Prodigy All-Stars has designed a detailed curriculum that allows anyone interested the opportunity to participate in the sport.


All-star teams are typically comprised of 5 to 38 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities. The coaches create a competition routine performed by the group that has elements of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dance, and other skills set to music. The routines are typically two and half minutes in length. At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability level. The routines are judged by their level of difficulty, technique of skills performed, precision, creativity, and entertainment value. Prodigy All-Stars currently offers teams in all age division and levels  starting with the age of 5 to 18 years old.

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