Our PA tumbling classes will be specifically designed by level and geared towards cheer specific needs.  In these classes athletes will work both standing and running tumbling.  This will be a great opportunity to prefect and progress skills.


Level 1- Cartwheels, kick-overs, back walk-overs and front walk-overs.


Level 2-Standing flip flops, round off flip flops, and round off series of flip flops.


Level 3- Standing series of flip flops, jumps connected to standing flip flop, round off flip flop back tuck, round off back tuck and punch fronts.


Level 4-Standing back tuck, flip flop back tuck, jumps connected to a flip flop back tuck, round off flip flop layout, whips, and punch front step outs.


Level 5- Jumps connected to a back tuck, standing series of flip flops to full, round off flip flop full, doubles, arabians and more.