Renee Basham Owner

“What I love about Prodigy All-Stars is the environment we are able to provide each athlete as they are shaped into the leaders of tomorrow.  To encourage them to have PRIDE in their abilities, PASSION for their craft, and PERSISTENCE to reach their goals both in and out of the gym.  As not only the owner but a coach, I aim to cultivate confident individuals and true PRODIGIES long after their time in the sport of cheerleading."

I am the owner and Director of Prodigy All-Stars.  I was born and raised in Houston, TX. As an athlete, my career began as a competitive gymnast for 8 years and a competitive cheerleader for 2.  I then went to the University of Houston and graduated with a degree in Business Management.  My husband and I started Prodigy All-Stars in 2007 and we could not be happier!  I feel so blessed to impact the lives of young athletes and teach them the ideals of life through a competitive sport.  I believe all my athletes are "Prodigies" and enjoy the process of watching and molding them into outstanding young adults.  Outside of Prodigy All-Stars I like to garden, exercise, and spend time with my family.

Bret Burgeson


“What I love most about Prodigy All-Stars is watching my life’s work shine through every single athlete. I take pride in shaping each athlete, of all ages and skill levels, and teaching them to purse their passion in life through the sport of All-Star. I feel blessed to walk into my ‘home away from home’ everyday and pursue a career that doesn’t feel like work.”

Bret was raised in Keller, TX and started his journey in competitive cheerleading at Club Cheer in 2001. As an athlete, his career continued with Spirit of Texas from 2002-2010 winning multiple NCA National titles and two Gold medal finishes at the Cheerleading Worlds Championships in Orlando, Florida. He studied at the University of Arlington for 2 years before transferring to Hawaii Pacific University in 2010-2011. While cheering on a scholarship in Hawaii he competed with the Large Coed team and won their 9th consecutive NCA College Nationals title. In 2012, he transferred to  the University of Houston and began his career at Prodigy All-Stars. The direction of leadership in the program and the constant potential for growth is what made Prodigy All-Stars unlike any other gym. It was then that Bret knew Houston would become his ‘home away from home’ and he’d begin his roots creating a family with Prodigy. He is just as passionate about his mini teams as he is his Worlds teams. Some of his greatest accomplishments as a coach thus far have been winning NCA titles in all Levels 1-5, 3 Summit titles, and a World Champion title in the Small IOC 5 division. He hopes to continue building success on the mat with each of his teams, but more importantly creating relationships that last a lifetime with his athletes in the gym. Outside of the gym Bret enjoys eating great food with friends, visiting family, exercising, and traveling to new places.

Marysa Adams (Ping)

“I love the coaching staff at Prodigy All-Stars and what each staff member brings to the program. I am proud to be able to work with the talented coaches and continue to learn more about this evolving sport each and every day.”

Ping was born and raised in Houston, TX. Her passion for All-Star began during her middle school years when she cheered as a competitive athlete at Texas Lonestar. She cheered competitively all through her high school years and then attended Navarro Junior College her freshman year of college. In 2006 Ping won the NCA Collegiate Nationals with her squad at Navarro, and shortly after she transferred to the University of Houston. While studying at U of H, she cheered on an Open Level 6 team at Texas Lonestar winning the Bronze title at the Cheerleading World Championships in 2011. Pings career with Prodigy All-Stars has been 11 years in the making. She has won multiple National and NCA titles with youth, junior, and senior aged teams. Her favorite aspect of the sport is teaching stunting and baskets. When Ping is not spending time at Prodigy All-Stars, she enjoys being a mom to her two daughters Madi and Lucy.   

Kareem Albritton

“What I love about Prodigy All-Stars is that it has shown me the sky is the limit for growth, both inside and outside of the gym. Our boss has instilled an ‘always find a solution’ mindset in which we know that no problem is ever too big to fix.”

Kareem is from Fort Smith, Arkansas where he started gymnastics at an early age. In 2004 he moved to Dallas, Texas to cheer at Cheer Athletics, and his passion for All-Star ignited. He won two World Championship titles while cheering on Wildcats and then set his sights on becoming a college cheerleader at Oklahoma State University, Go Pokes! In 2010 he began working at Twist and Shout in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and two seasons later became the All-Star Director of his location. While in Tulsa Kareem accomplished many great things with his program, including multiple NCA National titles (both for High School and All-Star), multiple Cheersport wins, a back to back Small Coed Level 5 NCA streak, two Majors titles, and a Summit title. After wanting to continue his growth he moved down to Houston, TX in 2018 to join the Prodigy All-Stars family! He is looking forward to the many more years with PA. Outside of the gym Kareem is an avid cook, and he loves to make dinners for his family and friends.

Reagan Downman

“Prodigy All-Stars has taken a huge part in shaping who I am today. It is truly a blessing to know that I have the opportunity to do the same for the young athletes that come through the program now!”

Reagan was raised in Houston and has lived in Katy, TX ever since. She began her career in All-Star at Prodigy All-Stars in 2017. She ignited her passion for the sport at the age 11 during her first season with PA. She has spent the last 10 years growing and learning in the program only to fall more in love with it each and every year. Reagan’s journey through Prodigy All-Stars started on a Junior Level 2 team, Blizzard. She worked her way up through the program over the years and cheered on the Small Coed Level 5 team, Midnight during her junior, senior, and super senior year. Upon finishing her time on Midnight in 2017, she knew she was not ready to give her passion for the sport and then began cheering on Blacklight and coaching All-Star teams. As a coach, she has won a Small Mini 2 NCA title and a Sm Jr Restricted 5 Summit title, as well as numerous other National Championship titles. In 2018, she became a Gold Medalist in the Small IOC 5 division at the Cheerleading Worlds Championship on Blacklight. When Reagan is not spending time at Prodigy All-Stars, she enjoys her time by exercising at the gym, cooking with friends and family, decorating her apartment, and shopping around Houston.  

Justin Hebert

“What I love most about Prodigy All-Stars is being able to watch the athletes grow and the life lessons we get to teach on a daily basis!"

Justin is a Houston native, originally from Kingwood, TX.  He started off in gymnastics at 4 years old and trained for 14 years.  At the age of 16, he began his cheerleading career as an athlete and eventually collegiate cheerleading.  He cheered on Level 5 and 6 teams at Texas Lonestar and Prodigy All-Stars, and as well cheered at the University of Houston.  Justin has been with Prodigy All-Stars since 2007 when the doors first opened.  He has coached NCA winning teams and has played a vital role in developing the tumbling program at Prodigy.  He just recently returned back to the program after spending a year coaching in Melbourne, Australia, where he helped bring the gym's first Worlds & ICU team over to the United States!  Prodigy All-Stars has been Coach Justin's home for all 12 years that it has been open.  He absolutely loves coaching his athletes and seeing them work hard to show the Pride, Passion, & Persistence that he believes Prodigy is all about.  When he is (rarely) not in the gym, Coach Justin enjoys a great day of golf, live country music, and just spending time with friends and family!

Lindsey Hebert

“My favorite thing about being an All-Star coach at Prodigy All-Stars is watching the younger athletes grow and mature throughout their years in the program!"

Lindsey is from Houston, Texas. Her athletic career began at the age of 10 years old as a competitive gymnast. She began her career as an All-Star athlete during her junior year in high school and fell in love with the sport. Lindsey attend the University of Houston and is a proud alum, Go Coogs! In 2006 she began coaching gymnastics and in 2010 her career shifted to All-Star competitive cheer. While working at All-Star Revolution from 2012-2016 she coached a Youth Level 1 team to an NCA title. She enjoys most working with the younger aged athletes in the show-team, tiny, and mini programs. Watching their growth from that age to the junior and senior age is what she enjoys most about the sport and the time she invests into the athletes. She recently traveled to Australia to coach cheerleading internationally and loved the experience. Outside of the gym, Lindsey enjoys being outdoors, listening to live music, and taking naps.  

Jenn Minor

“My favorite thing about Prodigy All-Stars is the family I’ve gained from being a part of this program. It’s so much more than just cheerleading at this program, it is truly my second family. I look forward to coaching every child that walks through the door and I am excited for what the future holds!”

Jenn was born and raised in Oklahoma and has been involved in the sport of All-Star cheer for the past 17 years. She began cheering at the age of 8 years old at Twist and Shout, and then on to Tribe Cheer in 2001. It was at this early age that Jenn fell in love with the sport and wanted to spread her love by gaining knowledge over the years and pursue All-Star coaching as her career. Jenn attended the University of Central Oklahoma studying business and she cheered collegiately on the All-Girl squad in 2012 and the Small Coed squad in 2013. As an athlete, she won numerous National titles, 4 NCA titles, a Stunt National title, along with multiple Top 3 finishes at the Cheerleading World Championships. As a coach, she has won 3 NCA titles, multiple Oklahoma High School State and Regional Championship titles, and several finishes in the Winners Circle at NCA All-Star Nationals. The most rewarding award that she feels she has won is the ability to shape, grow, and impact each child’s life in the gym. Outside of the gym, Jenn enjoys being with her family, jet skiing on the lake, and spending time with her dog, Sadie.

AJ Mitchell

“What I have grown to love about Prodigy All-Stars is the personal drive and determination that the coaches put into each athlete. Not only do they want them to be successful and hard-working, but also to grow as an individual outside of the sport of competitive cheerleading and improving useful, life skills!”

AJ is from Rusk, Texas and fell in love with competitive cheerleading at the early age of 9 years old. He first began his All-Star career in 2014 as a recreational tumbling coach at T’s Tumbling in Rusk and then he moved to Houston to join the Prodigy family. He attended Cypress Woods High School and cheered on the Varsity squad where he was awarded the Best Tumbling, Best Jumps, and NCA-All American Cheerleader awards during NCA School Cheer Camp in 2015. During that time he was cheering on Midnight  for the 2015-2016 season winning the Bronze Medal at the Cheerleading Worlds Championship. After graduating high school he began cheering on Blacklight, the Small Coed IOC 5 team and placed 2nd at NCA All-Star Nationals in 2017 and then became a World Champion with Blacklight in 2018. Aj continues his career as a current athlete on Blacklight and coaching All-Star tumbling and teams of various ages and levels. He enjoys traveling, eating out with friends, spending time with family, and walking his dog.

Ryan Musgrove

“I love that Prodigy All-Stars is always a home away from home for athletes. No matter what is happening outside of the gym in their daily lives, we are all a family inside the gym!"

Ryan was born in Cypress, Texas and became an athlete for Prodigy All-Stars during his high school years. He began his coaching career in 2014 at Cheer Athletics in Plano, TX. Ryan has won numerous NCA, Majors, and World titles as both an athlete and a coach. His passion for the sport is undeniable and he loves to see that same passion grow in the future cheerleaders of the industry. Coaching the mini aged athletes and all the way up to the senior and collegiate aged athletes is what he loves most about watching that growth transpire. Outside of the gym, Ryan enjoys hanging out with friends, family, and his dogs.

Johnny Piggee 


“I love Prodigy All-Stars because it's a place of growth and family!  There are only two times that I want to be at Prodigy, Now and Forever!”

Piggy is a graduate of De Soto High School in Dallas, TX where he first began his career in cheerleading. He has collegiately competed on a large coed team and individually competed partner stunting at Oklahoma City University (OCU) placing 2nd at, both, NCA and USA College Nationals 2010. He also competed in 2011 on an All-Star Lvl 6 International team, which placed 2nd at the NCA All Star Nationals and 3rd at the Cheerleading Worlds. He formerly worked with the American Cheerleading Association (ACA) for 6 years doing many local and regional High School camps. He has been involved with Cypress Academy of Gymnastics and Prodigy All-Stars for many years and helped implement the stunting and flying curriculum for the cheer program. Stunting is one of his favorite strengths in this sport and he enjoys seeing the progress each athlete makes towards reaching their goals. He enjoys being a part of the lessons these athletes learn on and off the mat at PA every day!  When he is not at the gym he loves to go to the movies.

Aly Villarreal

“What I love most about Prodigy All-Stars is how talented and dedicated the coaching staff is! Everyone from Tiny coaches to Worlds coaches are focused on how to make their team be their absolute best!”

Aly was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma and cheered on the All-Girl squad, Boomer Sooner! Aly's passion for coaching All-Star began as a tumbling instructor at the age of 18 and has gradually evolved into her lifelong career. She has successfully placed in the top 3 and won National titles at NCA, The Summit, and Cheer Alliance. In 2018, her high school team took home Game Day National Champions at NCA as well. Aside from coaching she loves spending time with her daughter, Amelia, and browsing through the web for online shopping.

Auggie Villarreal

“What I love about Prodigy All-Stars is the family atmosphere that is created by all of the coaching staff. Having a family of my own, this a quality I appreciate so much in the gym. Everyone is so warm and welcoming!”

Auggie was born and raised in San Antonio, TX where he first started his cheerleading career as an athlete at Texas Wolverine All-Stars. He cheered competitively while attending Breckenridge High School and once he graduated he studied at Northwest Vista College. Following high school his cheerleading career continued at Dynasty Cheer in Rockwall, TX. Auggie’s passion for All-Star and coaching began to expand. Once he knew that the sport of All-Star is where his calling was, he started coaching at Twist and Shout in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2012. While coaching at Twist and Shout he won many NCA, Cheersport, and Summit National titles, as well as winning back-to-back NCA All-Star titles in the Small Coed Level 5 division. In 2018, he was awarded the Silver Medalist at the Cheerleading Worlds Championship. Auggie loves all aspects of the sport of All-Star and thoroughly enjoys working with the athletes and having a positive impact on their lives for the better. When he is not in the gym he enjoys spending time with his wife, Aly, and his daughter, Amelia.