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Passion Pride Persistence

We would like to thank you for your interest in Prodigy All-Stars.  We are a family owned and operated facility.  Since we began our all-star cheerleading program, we have enjoyed increasing success with each passing year.  In May 2010, Prodigy expanded its’ roots.  Merging with another program, CheerNation, we vastly expanded our staff and talent.  Collectively we boast over 20 NCA national titles and hundreds and hundreds of national titles.


Prodigy All-Stars has a first class facility located in Cypress, Texas.  The Cypress location is a 20,000 sq. ft. cheerleading and tumbling facility.  This location has three full size cheer floors, two in-ground trampolines, resi pits and an in-ground rod floor.  We are dedicated to offering a professional staff and a well-structured organization.  Our goal is to provide the best training environment for our athletes while teaching them ideals such as teamwork, integrity, work ethic, commitment and sportsmanship.


The Prodigy staff understands that we are using the tool of all star cheerleading to shape and develop our athletes into leaders of their peer groups and leaders of tomorrow.  A “prodigy” is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as an individual with exceptional talents.  We believe all our athletes have exceptional talents and it is our responsibility to cultivate that talent with our compassion, dedication and knowledge.  As coaches we take true PRIDE in the growth of our athletes’ both inside and outside the gym.  Although the coaching staff and training involved is clearly a factor in the success of each team, the PASSION, love and desire to excel is critical for each cheerleader to achieve their goals.  We pride ourselves in offering the environment to ensure this happens.


Prodigy All Stars,

Renee Basham