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Meet the Coaches



I am the owner and Director of Prodigy All Stars.  As an athlete my career began as a competitive gymnast for 8 years and a competitive cheerleader for 2.  I then went to the University of Houston and graduated with a degree in Business Management.  My husband and I started Prodigy All Stars in 2007 and we could not be happier!  I feel so blessed to impact the lives of young athletes and teach them the ideals of life through a competitive sport.  I believe all my athletes are "Prodigies" and enjoy the process of watching and molding them into outstanding young adults.


All-Star Director -

I am from Keller, TX and have currently been involved with All-Star Cheerleading for fifteen years. I first began competitive cheerleading in 2000 at Club Cheer. Shortly after, I moved onto Spirit of Texas in 2002 and continued until 2010. We won numerous national titles and two gold titles at the USASF Cheerleading World Championships. I began my coaching career in 2006 and have passionately pursued a career in it ever since. I studied at Hawaii Pacific University from 2010-2011 winning the Division 2 Large Coed title at the NCA Collegiate Nationals. I moved to Houston in 2011 to begin my first season with Prodigy All-Stars. As a coach I’ve won many national titles in Levels 1-5. I love working with athletes of all ages and enjoy the different personalities each age group presents. Experiencing an athlete’s journey and growth as an individual in this sport is what it’s all about! The life lessons they gain through Prodigy and the sport of cheerleading are so invaluable. I feel blessed to be a part of the PA Family and look forward to what the future holds!


I'm a graduate of De Soto High School in Dallas, TX where I first began my career in cheerleading. I've collegiately competed on a large coed team and individually competed partner stunting at Oklahoma City University (OCU) placing 2nd at, both, NCA and USA College Nationals 2010. I also competed in 2011 on an All-Star Lvl 6 International team, which placed 2nd at the NCA All Star Nationals and 3rd at the Cheerleading Worlds. I formerly worked with the American Cheerleading Association (ACA) for 6 years doing many local and regional High School camps. I have been involved with Cypress Academy of Gymnastics and Prodigy All-Stars for many years and helped implement the stunting and flying curriculum for the cheer program. Stunting is one of my favorite strengths in this sport and I enjoy seeing the progress each athlete makes towards reaching their goals. I enjoy being a part of the lessons these athletes learn on and off the mat at PA every day!


I have been coaching a combination of gymnastics, tumbling, and cheerleading for almost 10 years.  Starting at the age of 2, I worked my way through the different levels. At the age of 11, I was competing as an international elite gymnast. After making the transition to cheerleading, I cheered on the level 5 teams at Cheer Nation, now known as Prodigy All-Stars. After High School, I continued my education and received a full cheerleading scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University where I competed at NCA Collegiate Nationals. After moving home, I finished my education at the University of Houston Downtown location. I graduated May of 2015, with a Major in Business Management and a Minor in Human Resources. I finished my cheerleading career after competing on an International Open level 5 team placing 5th at the World Championships. I now dedicate my time coaching competitive cheerleading and bringing my knowledge to the athletes I work with. I recently led my teams to multiple National Championships and went on to win NCA during the 2014-2015 season in the Large Youth Level 1 Division. I look forward to spending many rewarding seasons with Prodigy All-Stars and taking the program to new heights!

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